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Medusa Research, Inc. Privacy Policy

Medusa Research, Inc. has provided this Privacy Policy to inform you about our current data collection and how we use your personal information. From time to time, Medusa Research, Inc. may, without notice, modify or eliminate all or a portion of the Privacy Policy.

What information do we collect?

We only collect personal and financial information directly from you to the extent that is necessary to fulfill your order. The only information collected about you is information that you provide us.

How do we protect your information?

Medusa Research, Inc.'s policies limit access to the personal information we collect to those Medusa Research, Inc. employees and business relationships who need the information to fulfill their business responsibilities. We require our employees to adhere to Medusa Research, Inc.'s Privacy Policy.

What about third parties?

We use third party providers for various services. We try to select companies with fair privacy policies, although we cannot be responsible for their actions. You should read the privacy policy of each of our providers if you have any concerns.

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What about links to other sites?

Medusa Research Inc. may create links to third-party Web sites. Medusa Research, Inc. is not responsible for the content or privacy practices employed by third-party Web sites that are linked to our Web site. Neither does Medusa Research, Inc. control or warrant the content, utility, merchantability, or workmanship of the products, services, or information offered at third-party Web sites.

What about policy violations?

Please contact us for clarification if you feel this site is not following its stated privacy policy. We will investigate all alleged violations and take corrective action when necessary to rectify the situation and prevent further recurrence.

How do I contact Medusa Research, Inc.?

If you have any questions or comments about the Medusa Research, Inc. Privacy Policy, please contact:

Medusa Research, Inc.
288 Plymouth Ave.
Fall River, MA 02721
Phone: (508)675-0200
Fax: (508)675-0202

This Medusa Research, Inc. Privacy Policy is currently applicable only to Medusa Research, Inc.'s United States customers and visitors to our Web site. Cross-border transactions may have their own rules and practices.

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